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Big Update - Target Practice Store

Guess what. I made a store. In all honesty I don't expect many people to buy from it, but if you are interested there are some pretty cool designs up there right now. Eventually I will make a seperate page for the store, but for right now I am going to leave this in the News section. The store is through Cafepress, a reputable business that a number of other web comics use. Products available include t-shirts and mugs, mousepads and thong underwear, and a whole lot more. Check them out and if you like them, buy something, and you will help support this little endevor of mine.
Store 1 - Life of the Party Guy. The name of my fake apparrel company is "Life of the Party Apparel". This store contains both the chracter design, and any products with just the LOTP logo on them like hats and bags
Store 2 - Viva La Broadband Guy. This design was originally intended for my friend Tim, because his college only has dialup connections. Sort of a rebellion thing I guess. But I liked the design so much I decided to keep it and make it a shirt.
Store 3 - Realistic Derrick Guy. Derrick was preasuring me to draw us like we actually look for the comic. I really didnt want to so I made shirts of me and him in a realistic style to placate him. They still look off but they are closer.
Store 4 - Realistic Pat Guy. Pretty much the same as above, I think I look really weird for some reason. Oh well.
Store 5 - Pat and Derrick Guys. This design is of both me and Derrick, and is in the style of the comic. People seem to like it.

11-17-2002 - Stick Figure Madness

I tried the best I could to emulate Derrick's unique drawing style, including text descriptions of those things he felt most important. If you can't figure it out, this is supposed to be real life Derrick trying to draw the comic which I have neglected for about two weeks, which I'm really sorry about by the way. You will know real life Derrick by the goatee, and rest assured he is not, in fact, evil twin Derrick.

There is a new member of the Target Practice family. His name is George, and he is made of plastic. I just recieved my brand spanking new Wacom Graphics Tablet in the mail the other day. It is schweet. Not sweet, it is so far from sweet it can't even see sweet from where it's standing, it's schweet. The thing is just amazingly easy to use, which means there may be more color comics in the future, who knows. There are comics done for this week so you can expect updates to go back to normal for a little while anyway. I now have to go play with my new friend some more, with his plastic goodness.


10-27-2002 - Are You Scared Yet

In case you haven't figured out how much I love Halloween, here is indisputable proof. Welcome to Target Practice's WEEK OF TERROR. Alright the name needs a little work. But on the up side you can expect a full week of Halloween themed comics. Check back every day up to Halloween for a brand spanking new strip involving this wonderful holiday. I'm sorry for cutting into the Major Tom story arc, which will continue next Sunday, but Halloween only comes once a year. Major Tom is funny all year round, trust me. Have a good week all.

Oh, Derek and Tim email me about Thursday.


10-21-2002 - The Great Escape

Ok folks. I know I haven't been updating a whole lot lately. Well I've got some good news and I've got some bad news. The bad news is that I am going to stop updating the news with every comic. This is really what takes me the most time to update away from home, and I generally become discouraged and end up not updating anything, which is bad. The good news is that I now plan to keep the comics updated on a Tuesday and Thursday basis, as regular as I can. Also I am now adding Sunday to the list. Thats right, three comics a week. I'm pretty sure I can do it if I don't have to worry about updating the news as much. So there you have it, the good and the bad.

As for the comic. I finally snuck in a friend of mine who has been bugging me about his cameo. That's Derek on the right. And yes, I have two different friends with the same name. Thank God Derek and Derrick spell their names differently or I would be mighty confused. Also a welcome back to Tim, in the spider-man get up. He appeared early in Tee's For All, but this will be his comic costume from now on. And just for the record, Tim liked Spider-Man way before the movie, so don't think he's one of those Marvel Bandwagon fellows, quite the opposite. Well thats about enough out of me. Ill see you guys Thursday for the start of a new story arc which I guarantee you're gonna enjoy thoroughly.



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Mr. Anthony DeMartino: And why are we going to engage in simulated combat? Daria.
Daria Morgendorffer: Because no high school education is complete until you've chased your fellow students around the woods with toy guns?


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